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The Andaman & Nicobar Islands (Municipal Boards) Regulation, 1957 was promulgated by the President of India and published in the gazette of India on the 11th March, 1957 and the Port Blair Town which is the Capital of these Islands of Mari-gold sun was constituted as a Board and came into existence on 2nd day of October, 1957. Like all the Municipalities in other parts of India, the constitution of the Port Blair Municipal Board and its main functions were to provide basic amenities, street lighting & water distribution and maintenance of public streets, roads, drains, water tankers the in town and sub urban in any other manner.  View More...

Property Tax

The Port Blair Municipal Council has given the facility of self-assessment of the Property Tax to the citizens of Port Blair. Citizens can themselves fill the assessment form and then can pay online, through counter Or CSC of Port Blair Municipal Council.

Shop Rent

Billing cycle of the Shops (Commercial Property) in Port Blair Municipal Council is Monthly. The bills are calculated and displayed in monthly cycle. Citizens can pay Shop Bills Online /Counter /CSC, they can have Online Receipts.

Water & Conservancy Fees

Water & Conservancy fees can be paid at Counter, CSC and Online. The bills are calculated on yearly basis and the bills are deposited through Online & Counters.

Hoarding & Parking Lot Charges

These charges can be paid though the counters and CSCs. The charges for hoarding and parking can be paid through counters of PBMC.

Revenue Collection

To make Port Blair Municipal Council paper less (Digital India Initiative), counter and CSC receipt collection has been made online since 1st April 2018. Citizens can pay 30 different revenues through counters online and get the Receipts.

Pay Tax Online

Citizen can pay different bills from here. He has to register first to avail the service. For registration one can Click Here. If after paying the bill at payment gateway citizen do not get receipt then mail us at or You can also check various transactions from here.

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